New Blogs

Hey, so it’s been awhile. When I got a job, a lot of stuff got pushed aside for about several months. However, I do have an online graphic novel in the making. I just felt like having a blog separate from it that I plan to use as an online journal of stuff going on. Maybe I’ll post updates, announcements, or just whatever is on my mind.

If you found this blog, then you can read the comic thus far now. Because I’m not marketing it or using social media outlets at the moment to gain traffic, I don’t expect many people to be active just yet. But here’s a look at what I have.

The home page, which is the latest page of the comic. The usual about me and about the comic, etc. The real fun is in The Archives. There, you can learn all about the world this story takes place in. A good chunk is covered in world building, but when inventing a whole Universe, not everything can be covered without making an adventure boring. So that’s why I have The Archives.

The Archives used to be updated bi-weekly. Now that a lot has been added, new content is added as I write more about a certain section. One day, hopefully soon, I will complete the Archives and offer it as a pdf, with illustrations and concept art, as a free gift via Patreon for readers that want to know more and get a neat little book about the the world.

The Archives book and the archives mentioned in the story are supposed to be two sides of the same coin. I thought it would be fun to play with the concept. What if one were to find a book in the archives containing all of this information? What kind of information can one find in the archives?

That’s it for now. I’m working on artwork for chapter 3. It’s a pain not being able to make 3D models, having to draw the same building from various angles, but that’s how it is.

The Grawlix CMS

Hey everyone.

For those of you already following my webcomic, The Daemos Chronicles Advent Light, you may have noticed I am using a CMS known as “Grawlix.” For creators of webcomics without a pro-webmaster or even a lot of back-end coding know-how, this CMS is what you’ve been waiting for. It sure was what I was waiting for. WordPress has plugins, but Grawlix is where it’s at imho.

I came across it while reading some random web comics (I love finding new gems), and noticed at the bottom everyone kept Grawlix in the footer. Normally, I wouldn’t do this, I feel it cheapens the value of the website, but after using Grawlix, I can see why. I mean, why not share the knowledge and spread the word about this webcomic CMS?

Anyways, after using Grawlix for a few months now, I ran into a little problem where I had to reset my website and reinstall Grawlix. This lead to a lot of headaches, because the on downside about Grawlix is that it’s made by programmers, not artists. In other words, left-brain vs right-brain. After I got my website back up and running (still a WIP, oh the shame), I talked to the guys at Grawlix and put together a walkthrough for them.

You’ll see it on the left-hand side. If you’re a webcomic creator using WordPress, or thinking of making a webcomic and need a good CMS, I highly suggest looking into Grawlix. Then use my walkthrough to spare yourself a couple headaches.

The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light Goes Live!

Well guys, I did it! I wanted to start my webcomic, The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light before 2017, and after a lot of practice, back aches, and lack of sleep, I finally got the cover art done. Basically everything there is by me except the logo. It was commissioned way back and it’s been a part of the brand for years, so I can’t really part with it. Everything else though? Me! I’m very excited, and as the blog post says, I’ll be working on a couple of pages throughout the holidays. Hopefully, I can post one or two before the year ends. If anything, some concept art for funsies.

Other than that, hoping to update once a week, seeing as how a single frame will sometimes take me a day (time constraints), but with time hopefully it gets easier? Anyways, enjoy the cover art for now, and please spread the word!

New Post, No Update?

Hey all!

Haven’t updated or added to The Archives as of late because I’ve been sketching almost non-stop. I use a large cintiq display and it takes up my whole desk, so no writing can get done.

However with the lack of written updates comes good news. Either this weekend or next week, I should be able to start posting my webcomic. Oh yeh, this is happening.

The Great Shifter War

Alright, so it’s time we talk a little about the prologue to Advent Light, seeing as how sometime in December I’ll be posting the first few pages of the comic. Very exciting. Before I do that, if you haven’t noticed, there’s a whole lot of information about the world in The Archives, updated bi-weekly. The newest addition is about an event that has helped to shape the world of Advent Light and the relations between clans – The Great Shifter War!

Be sure to check it out, as I’m sure my readers will often wonder about it when mentioned in the book (several times). The world of Advent Light wasn’t always as peaceful as the story starts, and it took a lot of bloodshed and change to bring about the new balance.

Updates on the Web Comic

Hey everyone!


Is this thing on? *tap tap*

In case there actually are people out there reading, and wondering, yes the web comic is actually well underway. Ever since I got my manuscript back from my editor, I’ve been working on the new timeline and revisions. I feel like the new version is already 10x better than the original – it’s a good feeling.

However, I have a goal to obtain. The first chapter, or the beginning of it, live and online, by the end of the year. Nothing can stop me now. So, once I have three chapters rewritten (this weekend), I’m going to go back to my artwork.

As I rework the characters and get the best possible versions of them done, I will upload them as placeholders for the web comic. So that will be pretty neat. With any luck, I can get the first couple pages up by mid-December, but we’ll see how it goes.

So keep an eye out for The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light!

The Daemos

Hey everyone!

I hope you all will be enjoying the holidays (or time off) with family this year. Before everyone clocks out, here’s a little info on the Daemos of Advent Light and The Daemos Chronicles as a whole. Enjoy reading about two of the Daemos mentioned in the story, plus another big deal we’ll get to later in the series.

Pass through the veil and into the Suntavelm!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let ya’ll know the new website is up and running. I’ve been working on edits for my book. Next week I’ll be doing a lot more and by the end of the month back to sketching. We’re well on our way to the comic debut I think.

For now, I’d like to let you know that I added a lot more info to The Suntavelm. It’s the “Spirit World” of Advent Light, and since a chunk of the story takes place there, it’d be nice to know a little going in, right? Either way, still plenty of cool stuff in The Archives regardless.


Until next time. Tally-ho!

New Website

Hey everybody.

So some news.

1. Got my novel back from my editor. After some discussion, it’s gonna be 100x better.

2. That means I’m going to be rewriting.

3. Although I’m doing a rewrite, I’m going to draw chapters as I finalize them.

4. The new website will serve as the home for The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light for now on.

5. This website will serve as the blog only.


So yeah, trying to get the new website up and in shape, but as of now it has the main pages that used to be here.