Concept Arrrrrrrt!

Hey guys, it’s been awhile right?

I haven’t written here in several months, and several things had my attention and some fell to the wayside. I haven’t updated my art section in awhile, but I’ve done a lot more than what’s shown there. I also started on some concept art. You can find all of this on my tumblr. A lot of The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light artwork will go up there.

I intend to get The Archives on a steady update schedule again, starting this week. I should probably talk about different life paths and occupations one may have. Seeing as how I introduced the three main characters and their different factions, it would be good to talk more about the village and inner-workings of daily life.

So with that said, I guess expect to see a lot more artwork and content added to The Archives over the next month or so. Once I can comfortably draw my main characters, I want to take a stab at scenery and start the webcomic.