Part 3: FTP and File Transfers

Part 3: FTP and File Transfers

Go back to the cPanel. It’s time to transfer all the files for the Grawlix CMS over. If you’re familiar with (File Transfer Protocol) FTP software then you’re already ahead. If not, we’ll cover it here. If you rather not learn how to use an FTP program like FileZilla, that’s up to you. The result will be the same.

If you’re not using FTP, go back to your file manager. Open up the folder you put the Grawlix CMS files in, and replicate everything you see. Add the folders you see, then upload the files one by one into their appropriate folders, etc. This will take longer than an FTP program, but it’s doable.

If you’re using an FTP program like FileZilla, then here’s what you need to do. Keep in mind this walkthrough is built around Just Host, but other hosting services may work differently, or can skip the steps prior to loading FileZilla altogether.

At the top of the cPanel, click “FTP”.

Where it says “Add FTP Account”, type in a username and password you will remember. For the “Directory” field, type in “public_html” or whatever the term is for your web hosting service.

Then click “Create FTP Account”.

Once the page reloads, scroll down.

You should see the FTP account you just created. To the far right, there will be a “Configure FTP Client” link. Click it, and the account will expand with three FTP programs and files.

Since we’re using FileZilla for this example, download the “FTP Configuration File” under its icon. Just Host offers step-by-step instructions that are fairly easy to follow, but if you’re not on Just Host, then you can’t access the steps, so here’s a copy of what to do after installing and opening FileZilla.

Connecting to Your Directory via FTP

  1. With FileZilla, select Import from the File menu and select the configuration file you just downloaded.
  2. Click the OK button in the Import Settings window.
  3. Click OK on the Import Successful window.
  4. To connect to your web host by FTP, select the Site Manager feature from the File menu.
  5. You should see the account you just made on the left, so click it. Then click “connect” and enter the password you chose if prompted.
  6. You should now be connected to your FTP server. There are four windows. The top two are the directories you’re working in, and the bottom two are the files available.
  7. On the left, find the location of where you saved the Grawlix files and click the folder to open it. Now all of the files will be presented in the bottom left. On the right, you should already be in your public_html directory, or even the Grawlix folder we created. If not, click the Grawlix folder. The bottom right should be empty.
  8. Select all of the folders and files for the Grawlix CMS in the bottom left and drag it into the bottom right window.
  9. Let the files all transfer over.
  10. Once all files have finished transferring, you may move on to the next step in setting up the Grawlix CMS.

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