Part 4: Firstrun of Grawlix

Part 4: Firstrun of Grawlix

To set up your webcomic, you need to go to“www.YourDomain/firstrun.php”. Include the .com or what-have-you where it says “YourDomain”. This will take you to the initial setup of the Grawlix CMS.

Step One

You will see four empty fields:

– Host name

– Database

– Username

– Password

Enter the name of your web hosting provider, the name of the database you created, the username of the user you assigned to that database, and the database password.

If all goes well and it connects, move onto Step Two. If you don’t connect, check “Troubleshooting -> First Run” below.

Step Two

You will see four more empty fields:

– Name

– Email

– Username

– Password

This is the information you will need to access your admin panel for the Grawlix CMS. Put the appropriate information in their respective fields, and then move on to the final step.

Step Three

You will be provided with a text box with code for your database information. As the prompt states, go to your file manager, right-click the “config.sample.php” in your Grawlix folder and then left-click “Edit”. Replace that code with the code you just received. Save the new code and close the file.

Right-click “config.sample.php” again and left-click “Rename”. Delete the “sample.” from the name and nothing else. The new name should read “config.php”. Now delete the file “firstrun.php” and you’re all set.

Logging In

It should be smooth sailing from here. If you have trouble logging in, refer to “Troubleshooting > Logging In” below.

If you login without fail, then go to “Settings” by clicking it on the left side of the admin panel. Fill out the information for your comic.

That’s it, we’re done here. There are many tutorials on the Grawlix website to teach you about everything else in the admin panel.

Congratulations on getting through the setup process, and good luck with your comic.