“I received a message that said I can’t connect to database.”

This is a common problem, but has an easy fix. Although your hosting provider should be the same as the “Host name”, it won’t be recognized if the Grawlix files are stored by the same hosting service. Instead of putting the hosting service name, for example “Just Host”, put “local host” or “localhost”.

“I tried to install the Grawlix CMS (once or twice) and received several messages about not being able to access the data.”
This can be a little aggravating, but the only fix at this time is to go into your file manager, go to the grawlix folder, open the “assets” folder, and delete any files you see.Also delete all of the files in the images folder. If you don’t see any files, close the file manager and open it again, but make sure you have “Show hidden files” selected.

Logging In

“Grawlix doesn’t recognize my password.”

If Grawlix doesn’t recognize the password you used, click “Forgot password?” to reset it. An email will be delivered in a few minutes. Click the link provided to reset your password. You can choose the same password you originally intended. Now it should work.>

“Where is the admin panel?”

Unlike other CMSes, where you can type “Yourdomain/admin”, Grawlix is a little different. The easiest way is to go to your website, then type a forward slash “/” after the URL and paste this “_admin/panl.login.php”. That will bring you to the login panel.

Website Set Up

“My navigation isn’t working.”

If you realize that your navigation menu is on the fritz, go to “Settings” on the left-hand side of the admin panel. There will be an empty field that says “Site root directory”.

Type in a forward slash “/” into that field, and click “Save”. The forward slash may disappear, but your navigation menu will now work as it should. Archives may require more than one comic page to be uploaded to work.

If your question can’t be found here, or the solution doesn’t work, please ask for help via the forum. Remember, there are also helpful docs for Grawlix users to learn more about the CMS.