Hiatus Kinda Sorta

Hiatus Kinda Sorta

Hey guys!

Not sure if anyone reads these, but just wanted to give an update. I haven’t posted anything in a month. Not the best way to keep people interested. So here’s the deal – I’m basically in my own mini-hiatus.

I took a break from writing because I’m working on my art. I haven’t uploaded any here…I should probably do that heheh. You can always follow my tumblr, I update it every time I finish an art piece. It’s been almost a year since I finished writing Advent Light, and honestly I felt like a bit of a failure when no one wanted it. That’s okay though, because I’ve always thought about how it would look if I turned it into a comic book. That’s how I see it in my head anyway.

So for a couple of months, I went back to the basics of anatomy, clothes, etc. I then started working on my characters. I got so frustrated that I took a break. Then I won a Cintiq on eBay and that reignited my motivation. I started back up again. For a few weeks I was working on Diana. I’m not ecstatic but I’m satisfied with my results. This week I’d like to perfect Kadin since so far he’s the easiest for me. Been feeling a little under the weather though, so we’ll see where it goes.

Anyways, posting this why? Because I have a goal. I want to get the first chapter or at least a couple of pages of the 1st chapter up by end of the year. It sounds like plenty of time, but it’s already the middle of October. And I lack discipline. I should be drawing right now haha.

So we’ll see what happens?