May the Daemos Be with You

May the Daemos Be with You

If you’re just checking in, you picked a great time to pop up. My online graphic novel, The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light, has just hit its One Year Anniversary. Right around the time I finished the third chapter, too.

You know what that means? It’s time to start advertising and marketing my comic! First thing’s first though.


  • Just realized the main menu was missing since the hack earlier this year. It’s back up now :3
  • Budget – So I’m going to need a budget of course for marketing myself with ads on social media and other web comics. Shouldn’t be too bad, but if I run into a financial block, then that goes onto the next possibility.
  • Spreading the word – This is where you guys come in. If you like my comic, or even if you don’t but you know someone who may like high fantasy, please let them know. Spread the word on other comic forums for recommendations, link it on social media, whatever helps. I’ll be setting up a thunderclap sometime in January.
  • The Script – I actually finished the first draft of The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light awhile ago. I then worked with an editor on it to really bring it to its full potential. However, not all of the revisions have been done, so I may take a week or so off to get ahead. I work from 9-5, do errands and workout, and then I have 2-3 hours left to draw or write, with the former usually winning. With any luck, I’ll get ahead by mid-January and can move forward with the illustration.
  • Crowdfunding Grawlix – The Grawlix Content Management System (CMS), the same CMS that powers my online graphic novel and many others, was once run by a small team of coders, two or three people. Due to personal matters, the team has disbanded. The Grawlix CMS is still being hosted, and aside from the homepage, all of the documents and website pages are intact, including the download for the CMS.

    In case the website goes down, you can download the Grawlix CMS here. The point of the crowdfund will be to get funding to hire a team of dedicated coders who can work out the kinks and build off of the original source code linked above. Even if the crowdfund doesn’t get fully funded, it will also raise awareness for coders who would interested in helping out to add this to their portfolio.

  • Indie Publishing Press – If all goes well, I’ll be opening a small time independent publishing press for authors that write fantasy. It’s this whole thing with a multiverse under the Daemos umbrella. More on that another time.


Anyways, it’s 2018, and we got plenty of work to do. Follow me on the Daemos Chronicles Twitter and Daemos Chronicles Tumblr for other updates or to see works in progress.

May the Daemos Be with You.