New Blogs

New Blogs

Hey, so it’s been awhile. When I got a job, a lot of stuff got pushed aside for about several months. However, I do have an online graphic novel in the making. I just felt like having a blog separate from it that I plan to use as an online journal of stuff going on. Maybe I’ll post updates, announcements, or just whatever is on my mind.

If you found this blog, then you can read the comic thus far now. Because I’m not marketing it or using social media outlets at the moment to gain traffic, I don’t expect many people to be active just yet. But here’s a look at what I have.

The home page, which is the latest page of the comic. The usual about me and about the comic, etc. The real fun is in The Archives. There, you can learn all about the world this story takes place in. A good chunk is covered in world building, but when inventing a whole Universe, not everything can be covered without making an adventure boring. So that’s why I have The Archives.

The Archives used to be updated bi-weekly. Now that a lot has been added, new content is added as I write more about a certain section. One day, hopefully soon, I will complete the Archives and offer it as a pdf, with illustrations and concept art, as a free gift via Patreon for readers that want to know more and get a neat little book about the the world.

The Archives book and the archives mentioned in the story are supposed to be two sides of the same coin. I thought it would be fun to play with the concept. What if one were to find a book in the archives containing all of this information? What kind of information can one find in the archives?

That’s it for now. I’m working on artwork for chapter 3. It’s a pain not being able to make 3D models, having to draw the same building from various angles, but that’s how it is.