Pitch Madness #10 – Ray Morris and “Memories of the Fallen”

Pitch Madness #10 – Ray Morris and “Memories of the Fallen”

1. Let's hear your pitch.
Murderous creatures from an unknown world target Elijah and Sara. Rescued by a handsome Ogre, Elijah begins to uncover a truth from his own forgotten past—a truth more dangerous than those who hunt them.

2. If you were querying me, what would the teaser of your book be?
As far as sixteen-year-old Elijah knows, his problems are all perfectly ordinary: an occasional zit, a set of crappy foster parents, and a crush on Channing Tatum. The plane crash he lived through six years ago? That’s a little more unusual. But at least his best friend Sara is crazy enough to make life bearable, and as the only other survivor of the crash, she understands what he’s been through like no one else.

3. Who is your target audience? What genre is your book?
I am aiming at the Young Adult audience, and hope they will have me, since I’m pretty old in young people world. My genre is Fantasy, though this novel is also LGBT.

4. How did this story come about? Who or what inspired you/this story?
It came about while I was listening to the radio and a Justin Timberlake song came on. A story popped into my head with a female protag, but the words just wouldn’t come. A month or so later the idea that my protag was a boy, and gay, stampeded into my head and suddenly the whole story was there. It was great!

5. Is this your first book?

6. Why did you enter #PitchMadness?
I entered last year and was picked and garnered a few requests, but my MS is still sitting there waiting and wanting to be loved, so all I can do is shove it out there and see if it’s grown wings yet.

7. What can we expect from your story in the future, do you have any plans?
You can expect to find it in your local Barnes and Noble. Hehe. Right?

8. Can we hear an excerpt?
“That’s more like it, now maybe we–” the Orakul grunts as Dimitri bursts into motion. Thin blades appear in Dimitri’s hands, but from where, I can’t tell. He whirls into the Orakul, yet the creature meets the attack with black blades formed from his suit, having discarded his sword as well at some point.
Blue sparks bathe the two as they twist and whirl around one another in a flurry of attacks. The Orakul flies backward, feet digging into the ground to slow his momentum, but Dimitri is there, a hand around the creature’s throat.
In a voice that is his, but deeper, Dimitri says, “This is what you wanted, is it not?”
A ridge appears in the center of Dimitri’s forehead, white bone against the tan skin, and he slams his head against the Orakul’s black face. The suit the creature wears disintegrates around the blow and blood splashes into the air.
“And this!” Dimitri yells, pushing the Orakul away and spinning. He slams a heavy boot into the center of the other’s chest, sending him flying backwards. Somehow, Dimitri is there before the Orakul can land, another knife in his hand; no, this one is not held in his hand, it is a part of his hand. He slams it into the Orakul’s back. The blade shatters, but so does a large patch of the suit.

9. Have a website or social media platform for your story?
facebook.com/Origin-War-Chronicles-371758846286158/ … I made this a while back, but haven’t used it yet.
You can also find me at http://raymondcmorris.com

10. Are you an LGBT author/writer, and do your main characters usually reflect a similar lifestyle?
I am not LGBT, but I enjoy writing about diverse characters. In this novel, my MC is gay.

11.If you were to pick a subgenre for this story, what kind of Fantasy is it?
Urban Fantasy

You can connect with Ray on Twitter @iwrites