Pitch Madness #2 – Jasmine Brown and “The Lucky One”

Pitch Madness #2 – Jasmine Brown and “The Lucky One”

1. Let's hear your pitch.
Lucky’s sweet sixteen begins by throwing him head first into the world of angels, demons, and other supernatural creatures. Added to a bounty out on hybrids and an amulet hanging in the balance? “Uh oh.”

2. Do you have a teaser for your book you could share?
Lucky Freeman is a lot of things, but being “lucky” isn’t one of them. Thrown into a world of supernatural creatures, he’s a special breed of weird: not only is he a lavi, an abomination hunted by both angels and demons just for existing, but he’s “of seraphim” too. That would be all fine and dandy if it didn’t paint a giant target on his back. Now, Lucky has to somehow find a way to stop the Great War between his distant relatives, find a mother he didn’t even know was alive, and uncover the many secrets surrounding his destiny and his unique form of immortality.

3. Who is your target audience? What genre is your book?
This is YA Urban Fantasy, although it reads more like a MG in the fact that there’s not a lot of heavy romance or dark, twisted characters (yet…)

4. How did this story come about? Who or what inspired you/this story?
So this is the first in a trilogy, and I actually wrote this based of the climax of the last book. I do that sometimes–find a climax and build a story around it. It tends to work out, for the most part lol. One of my favorite books is Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (by Lish McBride, another Seattle author who represent!) and that book had a climax that was UNBELIEVABLY intense and emotional and it was fantastic and I told myself, “I want to have a climax that affects readers like that.”

5. Is this your first book?
It is not! Although hopefully it will be my first published book. My first completed (well, sort of) novel was NA and centered on gangs and rock stars. I was like fourteen when I wrote it lol. I might come back to it someday.

6. Why did you enter #PitchMadness?
I love writing competitions. That’s where I learn the most. And I just now wrapped up the final draft of my book, so I was really excited when I heard PitchMadness was going on. Actually–it was my sister’s birthday when submissions opened, I was racing around trying to help my mom throw this humongous party, and I was wholly unprepared because I thought it started in March, not February [laughs]. I had to rush to get it in, and by then I was running on about four hours of sleep and pure adrenaline. I got it in though!

7. Do you have any past experiences with this story you would like to share?
Well, I do competitions a lot, but this is the first Twitter pitch contest I’ve entered. Although I can say that I won a 5-page critique from Meg Cabot for her Underworld release pitch contest. She said she couldn’t wait to see more of Lucky. 🙂

8. What can be expected from this story in the future, and do you have any plans?
OOOOH okay so this is the first in a trilogy right? But get this: this trilogy kicks off this entire universe. I have maybe twelve books planned out in this universe, and not all of them are UF. Actually, one is SciFi/Supernatural (yes really), another is some weird mash up of Historical Fantasy/Contemporary, another one is a Humor-based Dystopian—that’s my favorite. And while there will be crossovers and clues that tie into the universe, there will be one book, maybe a trilogy, that ties it all together. I’m sitting here cackling because spoilers, but it’s going to be awesome I promise you.

9. How about an excerpt?
Yes! One of my favorite bits from the book:
A man stood there with a sharp spear aimed right at Lucky’s head. He was dressed head to toe in white garb that closer resembled pajamas than a military uniform. The expression on his face was far from sleepy though. He glared down at Lucky with fierce palatinate eyes.

“You will come,” he said.

“Um, I think I’ll stay here, thanks.”

“Freeman, head down!” Ava flew over him and slammed into Pajama Man feet first. Brock grabbed Lucky’s wrist and yanked him the other way, down the aisle of the bus. Dom scrambled after them as Brock checked Bernie’s vital signs.

“He’ll be fine,” he reported. “They aren’t here for him.”

“Who is they?” Dom said, echoing Lucky’s thoughts.

“Trust me. You don’t want to know.” He turned to the doors of the bus, releasing the lock with a yank and forcing them open in one swift kick.

Lucky latched onto Dom’s wrist as they clamored down the steps. Outside the wind was picking up again, biting into Lucky’s cheeks. It felt like fire searing into his skin, and all at once he realized his blood was pumping, adrenaline making everything sharper and more intense. He could hear Dom breathing hard behind him, and Brock’s near-silent curses in Script.
And that chill again–Lucky sucked in a harsh breath. For a second the world tilted. At first Lucky thought it was because of the flicker in the air that accompanied his color flashes, but then he met the pavement face first. Next to him Dom grunted as he also fell.

Lucky rolled onto his back and squinted into the light. Another man dressed in white stood over him, shoving the point of the spear beneath Lucky’s chin.

He raised his hands. “So I’m guessing you’re not my birthday clown.”

The man scowled. “I am of the Angel Corps,” he said. “And you will come with me.”

10. Do you have a website or social media platform for your story?
Ehh, sorta? I have some of it on Tumblr, but it’s mostly just me critiquing the character a lot and tagging him on posts that I think apply to him. I’m weird, I know.

11. I see you have a lot of art on your Twitter. Did you do all of this yourself? Could we find more art elsewhere?
The two colored pictures Fire Lucky, two characters from SHIFT, and this one by me. SHIFT is a long story…Anyways, the first two were both drawn by an amazing artist on Tumblr. Basically everything else I either drew myself or edited a picture of [laughs].
I need to organize the art on my Tumblr [laughs].

12. Since you have a trilogy planned and have artwork, will we see this in other mediums?
Yes, definitely! I have a personal challenge of writing every form of fiction there is – movie and tv scriptwriting, playwriting, song writing, comics/webcomics, video games, podcasts, poetry, narrative nonfiction if that counts…yes. So yeah, I definitely want to share my characters as widely as possible in as many ways as possible [laughs].


You can connect with Jasmine on Twitter @CinderScoria