Pitch Madness #4 – Katherine Hillis and “Watersoul”

Pitch Madness #4 – Katherine Hillis and “Watersoul”

1. Let's hear your pitch.
Abducted by an alien empire, Alex must help protect the multiverse from space pirates and rogue governments if she wants to survive. But doing the job means abandoning Earth and everyone who relies on her.

2. If you were querying me, what would the teaser of your book be?
When aliens abduct sixteen-year-old Alex Turner, the last thing she’s expecting is a job offer.

Alex’s life isn’t perfect—her parents are broke and she has to work a crappy fast food job to help make ends meet—but she wouldn’t trade her family or friends for anything. So when Alex gets kidnapped by an alien and dragged through a wormhole to another universe, her only goal is to get back home.

3. Who is your target audience? What genre is your book?
YA Sci-Fi.

4. How did this story come about? Who or what inspired you/this story?
A million years ago, when I was in middle school, we learned about black holes and the theoretical possibility of worm holes. It sparked an idea, one that I eventually set aside for over a decade. Then I picked it back up on a whim.

5. Is this your first book?
This is my third book, but the first I’ve seriously tried to get published.

6. Why did you enter #PitchMadness?
Probably why everyone else did–to catch the eye of the right agent! Plus it’s just too fun to do these contests and hang out with all the writers on Twitter, even if it’s mostly just stressing out together.

7. Do you have any past experiences with this story you would like to share?
I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo, which is always so fun!

8. What can we expect from your story in the future, do you have any plans?
If the first book is a success, I have a 7-10 book series loosely plotted out, and a second book all ready to start writing.

9. Can we hear an excerpt?
Alex’s mouth fell open, and rainwater hit her tongue. Within the circle of the belt, which was about five feet in diameter, was absolute darkness. It made the surrounding gray-black seem bright in comparison. This was darker than the absolute pitch-black of a cave. This was nothingness, a void. Everything in Alex recoiled at the sight, and she began to shriek. The phone in her hand slipped and fell to the ground. It broke. So much for saving money.
The darkness drew her in as it repelled her. Alex couldn’t look away, could think of nothing else. Her voice broke and her screams became whimpers.
“Hold my hand—don’t let go,” the woman said.
Warm flesh pressed against Alex’s hand, as if from a distance, like a dream. Like someone else’s dream.
Alex drew nearer to the darkness, everything did, even the raindrops. The woman held her hand and she returned the pressure with muscle memory alone. All of her higher brain function had taken a vacation and left a gibbering mass of fear behind. The darkness grew until it enveloped her entire field of vision. She reached her free hand up and tried to touch the void.
A bright flash of pain splintered her, and she became nothing. Unable to see or hear or smell anything, unable to feel, unable to tell where her limbs were or which way was up, Alex drifted through nonexistence. No time passed here, nothing was hot or cold.

10. Have a website or social media platform for your story?
I have an author website with a bit more info about this and other projects: http://katherinehillis.com/

11. I see this story started due to school studies about space. You also mentioned the multiverse. So when it comes to space/time travel, you don’t think it’s all direct cause and effect?
Oh man, the time question is something that’s been on my mind for like over a decade. I usually lean toward time travel creating a new universe, but sometimes it’s fun to try to work out a plot where everything that’s ever going to happen has already happened. In Watersoul, time travel is taboo, because no one really knows for sure what would happen, but it’s one of those things that will be brought up and discussed later on.

12. Is Alex the main character in all 7-10 books?
Alex is the main character for the first book, but in any other ones I plan to go to multiple POV for three other characters.


You can connect with Katherine on Twitter @kehillis