Pitch Madness Interview #1 – Myself and “The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light”

Pitch Madness Interview #1 – Myself and “The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light”

1. Let's hear the pitch.
I’ll just use the same pitch I used for #PitchMadness.
A young monk receives a prophecy from the Gods and goes on a mission to spread the word. When he is met with fear, elders send him into the spirit world to find the truth.

2. A teaser for The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light
The story follows Lucious, a young monk determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the Elder of his village. One night, he partakes in a ritual to make contact with the world of the Gods, and a spirit speaks through him to deliver a prophecy about the “Blood Eclipse.” This legendary event is said to change the world forever. The humans view it as the next step in evolution, whilst the Shifters have their own beliefs fueled by a great fear.
Lucious is sent out into the world, accompanied by his brother and a female companion, to spread the word of the Blood Eclipse, and seek aid in decoding more of the prophecy. These plans prove to be more difficult when news of the eclipse causes chaos, and forces Lucious to return home without any help. Given the unsettling news, the monks decide to send Lucious, his brother, and his female companion into the world of the Gods to learn the truth about the eclipse. However, his journey into this new world only proves to be the beginning of something greater.

3. Who is my target audience? What genre is my book?
This is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy.

4. How did this story come about? Who or what inspired you/this story?
Well, it’s a long story (hah). I started writing ideas for video games when I was younger, and when I got rejected (of course, I was a kid), I decided to write the story for the video game myself. The objective was to one day turn it into a video game when I was older. A couple of decades later, I had written a couple of MG fantasies and then went to college. With experience and a couple of writing classes under my belt, I started to write more in-depth short stories.
Sometime later, I collaborated with a friend on a story we called “The Blood Eclipse”. This story is currently planned to be the second or third installment of The Daemos Chronicles after it gets a re-write. The Blood Eclipse happens during the events of Advent Light, but follows the point of view of three Shifters instead of three humans. Therein I noticed the hidden potential.
A lot of the short stories I wrote in college had a central theme – three or more people, teenagers, are somehow exposed to the spirit world or a form of spiritual magick. This exposure grants them supernatural abilities, and they go on a journey. I took the best parts of those stories, all the things I liked, and combined them. Then, I came up with three main (human) characters and a plot set in the universe of The Blood Eclipse.
That day, Advent Light was born.

5. Is this my first book?
This isn’t my first “book” book, but it is the first one I’d like to get published. I’ve already started outlining the sequel, and have a side project almost done.

6. Why did I enter #PitchMadness?
I read about it last year. After querying agents who represent fantasy and high-fantasy, and getting turned down, I wanted to try a different route. I thought entering a contest like this would be a great way to get my book into the right hands, or even give it some good exposure.

7. Do I have any past experiences with this story I would like to share?
I actually started a comic book for it four years ago. However, after the first issue, things went south and the project was placed on hiatus.
At the moment, I am working on the artwork for the comic book myself. I host the art on my Tumblr.

8. What can be expected from this story in the future, and do I have any plans?
I already mentioned the sequel and the side project.
The side project I like to call The Archives. It’s based off of a concept in the first book, Advent Light, and is basically the encyclopedia for The Daemos Chronicles. I’m almost done with the first issue of The Archives, covering all things Advent Light related. Plans for an epilogue leading us into the premise of the sequel is also in the works.

9. The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light – Excerpt
Lucious waited for the darkness to return. For a time, there was nothing but silence. Only the occasional pattern of chanting entered his mind.
Then, his breathing changed. With every breath he took, he could feel his chest becoming heavier and harder to expand. He thought at any moment, he would lose all of the air in his lungs.
A warmth started to spread from the back of his neck. It felt like countless snakes were crawling through his skin, and soon, every muscle fiber, every vein and artery, every cell was overcome by a living force. Lucious felt his insides shift, and then it became clear. The elixir had made its way from his stomach to his crown. A fragmented shrill emanated from the back of his mind and echoed outward with an increasing level of distortion before it vanished like a whisper.
Lucious felt another sensation in his stomach. He looked down; ethereal hands had thrust themselves into his abdomen. They pushed him back, and he felt his body begin to sink into the ground beneath him. Wait, something’s not right. This is different.
Lucious felt a violent pain tear through his core, and the hands ripped themselves free, covered in a dark sludge. He tried to move, but his entire body refused to respond. It had gone limp and collapsed while the hands faded into nothingness. Before he could speak, the floor beneath Lucious started to move. It slithered under him, like a serpent along his back. Then, the floor reached out and pulled him in. The monks’ chanting became distorted and scrambled in his mind.

10. Have a website or social media platform for your story?
Yes, I do.