Status Update

Status Update

Hello there!


Alright, so here’s a little status update for everyone. In terms of my budget, so far so good. I’m going to be doing some research on buying ad space on different platforms. Going to need to design a new vertical banner for some of those, if not all. Who uses horizontal ads anymore?

The Grawlix CMS crowdfund is under way. I already have the campaign proposal written out, and I’m contemplating a script with a video. Going to link a Thunderclap to that as well, so be sure to check it out when things go live.

I have changed the comic update frequency to just Fridays. The day-to-day is tiresome to say the least. I work from 9-5, go home, exercise, make and eat dinner, and by the time I get to draw, I have maybe 2-3 hours before I’m cutting into my sleep for the following day. It’s a busy schedule, and to compensate, I’m giving myself more time to work on each page so that the finished project is exactly what I want before I put it up.

New update on everything in February when it all takes motion.