Advent Light Synopsis

The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light is a YA fantasy that takes place in an alternate world where humans are a dying species, and mythological creatures known as Shifters dominate the land.

The story follows Lucious, a young monk determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the Elder of his village. One night, he partakes in a ritual to make contact with the world of the Gods, and a spirit speaks through him to deliver a prophecy about the “Blood Eclipse.” This legendary event is said to change the world forever. The humans view it as the next step in evolution, whilst the Shifters have their own beliefs fueled by a great fear.

Lucious is sent out into the world, accompanied by his brother and a female companion, to spread the word of the Blood Eclipse, and seek aid in decoding more of the prophecy. These plans prove to be more difficult when news of the eclipse causes chaos, and forces Lucious to return home without any help. Given the unsettling news, the monks decide to send Lucious, his brother, and his female companion into the world of the Gods to learn the truth about the eclipse. However, his journey into this new world only proves to be the beginning of something greater.


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