Celestial Events

Celestial Events

Blood Moon


Because this world orbits around two Suns, throughout the span of each cycle they appear to be closer or further apart. At the end of each cycle, their orbits overshadow one another, with the red giant directly behind the orange sun. As the day grows older and night begins to fall, this blending of light from the two Suns is reflected off of the moon in a most peculiar way.


On any other day of a cycle, the moon would cast a dim white glow across this side of the world. On the eve of the last day of a cycle, the moon glows crimson red. Moreover, because it is being illuminated by two Suns at the time, the moonlight is brighter than usual, and bathes the world in a red glow as bright as twilight. This celestial event has come to be known as a “Blood Moon,” and happens once every cycle, signifying the beginning and ending of each. The human village and Shifter clans celebrate this event in their own way (See Rituals).


The Legendary Blood Eclipse


Thought to be only a legend, the Blood Eclipse is another event caused by the orbits of the two Suns. The Blood Moon is a common event that happens once every cycle, and the two Suns have never been known to align on any day other than that of a Blood Moon. However, it is said that one day, the two Suns will cross paths before their time, and the moon’s orbit will pass between them and the world, causing a solar eclipse.


In this Universe, solar eclipses are rare, nearly unheard of events. However, if a solar eclipse were to occur whilst the two Suns are aligned, it would give birth to the legendary event known as a Blood Eclipse. During this event, the entire world would be cast within a bright red aura that is almost blinding in comparison to the crimson glow of the Blood Moon.


The human tribe views the Blood Eclipse as the dawn of a new age of man and is the next step in spiritual evolution. In contrast, the Shifter tribes fear it due to a myth passed down through the generations. This myth states that a legendary beast will rise on the day of the Blood Eclipse and bring the end of the world.