Crystal Magick

Crystal Magick

Crystal Magick is the practice making a connection between one’s own spiritual power and that of a crystal or gem. Not everyone can do this, nor can they make a connection with every crystal or gem. A user of crystal magick must have an affinity, or a spiritual connection with a crystal/gem to be able to use its power. Simply put, Crystal Magick is a powerful art that only certain humans can learn. When it comes to Crystal Magick, Crystals are used for alchemy, whereas gems used for magick.

The essence of Crystal Magick lies within the spiritual power of a human and their ability to manipulate it. In essence, spiritual power is in every human body, but to manipulate it by will alone takes great discipline. Novice monks and students learn to create small, physical manifestations of this power while studying Taijen. Along with this, they may learn other specializations, such as scanning auras, stretching one’s consciousness, folding one’s strength and speed, or heightening one’s senses and reflexes.

Crystal Magick opens up many options to the user. When someone performs Crystal Magick, they can invoke the power of a gem, and by doing so, can then evoke that power for various means. Each crystal or gem has certain properties, like a plant, and depending on the properties of that gem, the user invoking its power will be temporarily blessed with its power i.e. a gem representing fire will bless the user with the ability to manifest and manipulate fire. As noted, the power is temporary, and it must always be returned to the crystal or gem. This is because although a user may have an affinity with a certain crystal/gem, the power is not their own, and thus, their body cannot contain it for prolonged periods of time.

There are three levels of experience in Crystal Magick: activation, borrowing, and absorption. There are also several steps that must be accomplished to perform crystal magick, but they are all useless if a user cannot activate the gem/crystal of their choosing. Borrowing is known as the primary use of crystal magick, and is the most easily mastered. Once a user can activate a gem, all they need to do is invoke the power of a gem to be blessed by it; but, if the user is only experienced enough to borrow the gem’s power, then they must always be in constant contact with that gem, or they will instantly lose the power. Absorption is a more advanced version of crystal magick. This is the practice of absorbing the crystal’s power for prolonged use, eliminating the need to be in contact with it. However, as stated, using a gem’s power can take a toll on the human body, more so when absorbed. Returning the power of a gem that has been absorbed is a very important step that should not be forgotten.

Upon absorbing a gem’s power, a unique effect takes place. Whatever power the crystal is blessed with, a tattoo that represents that power forms on a part of the user’s body. For instance, if a user absorbs the power of a crystal meant for healing, bright yellow bands form around their wrists; if a user absorbs the power of a crystal blessed with fire, a red-orange starburst forms around their eye. The tattoo is also a good reference for the strength of one’s power and when it should be returned. As the power fades, so does the tattoo; thus, if the tattoo is absent, it is time to return the power to the crystal/gem.

When crystal magick was first developed, it was just an art performed by the monks when intensive healing was required, to perform vision quests, or to purify the air during a ritual. Later, during the Great Shifter War, the Elder of the human village gave the army permission to research other ways crystal magick may be used. Soon, the army learned how to not only invoke the power of a crystal/gem, but learned how to turn it into a weapon.

Additionally, when crystal magick was first developed, crystals and gems were both used whilst practicing this art. Over time, it was later determined that it did not matter which was used, crystal or gem, for they both contained the same power. There was no direct correlation between the size of the gem and the power a user could utilize. Because of this, convenience became the deciding factor. Gems were easier to carry and transport. Thus, gems became popular amongst the Monkship and the Army, whereas Alchemists grew fond of crystals and their uses in a brew.