Major Characters

Major Characters

Major Characters


The Duvesh Family Tree

The Duvesh are known well in the human village. Lucious’ grandfather, Oro Duvesh, became the village Elder, and is followed by Vivek. Their family name is a part of the village’s history largely due to Oro’s time as Elder.

Oro Duvesh

Oro Duvesh led the village through dark times, as well as new discoveries. He witnessed the village’s first entrance into the abyss, took part in rituals the High Monks designed to send monks into the Suntavelm, and he was the first to make contact with a spirit. Due these experiences, it was only natural that the Elder at the time named him as his successor.

During his time as Elder, Oro taught a few courses in the academy, and was beloved by many children. He was also respected and highly spoken of by his brethren and people, especially after he guided the human village through war and disease. During the epidemic of the disease that turned blood toxic, Oro attempted to research all he could to save his people.

Following the war and the curing of the blood-toxic disease, Oro continues to live out his life into old age. He was a true leader, and the village would never be the same after his passing. Vivek, his son and Lucious’ father, takes over at the beginning of Advent Light.

Vivek Duvesh

Before Vivek becomes the Elder, he was simply the Elder’s son. He excelled in the temple, but at a steady pace. He was definitely gifted, but did not surpass his fellow students as quickly as his father. Because of this, he always wondered if his father was proud of him. He was unsure if he could “fill his father’s shoes,” but strived to do so nonetheless.

Nonetheless, Vivek climbed the ranks of the Academy, from student to Ranku, and one day to that of a High Monk. He was the youngest High Monk in the history of the human village, having joined their ranks as a young adult, after graduating from the academy. As it turned out, spiritual gifts ran in the family, which is why Vivek has high hopes for his son, Lucious. He wants Lucious to follow in his footsteps, as he did with his father, late Elder Oro Duvesh.

Lucious Duvesh

Lucious is a young boy, about the age of 16, or 38 cycles.  He is a student of the Academy when the book starts, but is a Ranku only three chapters in. This is due to his quick advancement in many courses and his performance as a medium in the ritual that starts off Advent Light. He also reminds his father, and the High Monks, of his grandfather; not only does he excel through the Academy as quickly as Elder Oro Duvesh did, but he also has an attunement for nearly every class of the monk’s path.

Like his father, Lucious wants to make his father proud, aware of his high expectations. Thus, Lucious followed in his father’s path as a monk, just like his grandfather was also a monk. It became the family tradition for all the first sons to become a monk, and Lucious did so proudly.

However, Lucious tends to have blind faith in the ways of the temple. This causes some sibling rivalry between him and Kadin.


Kadin Hajari

Kadin is two years, or four cycles older than Lucious. He is a warrior of the village, and he’s been trained in the art of gem magick. In Kadin’s case, he can control rock and dirt. Due to his affinity with the turroca gem and his training, dirt and rock around him are almost attracted to him; when he moves, it’s a reflex between Kadin and rock/dirt.

He is Lucious’ older brother and looks after him. He tends to be more humorous than Lucious, but is also known to be careful and serious. Whereas Lucious is loyal to the Temple and Monkship, Kadin left the Academy as soon as he was able and joined the army. From then on, he has trained and excelled through the ranks.

He fears the Blood Eclipse, and what telling the Shifters could cause.


Diana Balint

Diana is the same age as Lucious. She’s an Alchemist of the village, a daddy’s girl, but has an adventurous side. She is also a bit playful and honest.

From a young age, Diana wanted to be able to heal people like her father did during the blood-toxic epidemic many cycles ago. He was also the first person she was able to make happy with alchemy, and so she strives to heal others, knowing that her father will be proud of her.

She’s a sweet girl, with sweet dreams.