Races and Species

Races and Species


Normal people living amongst a world of humanoids they call “Shifters.” They live in a spiritual village with a polytheistic belief system that the Universe is ruled by many Gods, called “Daemos,” and that everything in creation began with a single entity of energy. They also believe in evolution, and although their physical bodies have hit a static point in evolution, their minds have continued to mature.

Many humans are able to make a connection with the world around them. This ability allows them to make a connection with spiritually attune items, like crystals and gems, which humans can develop to perform incredible feats known as “Crystal Magick.” Not all humans can do this though. All humans do, however, have some depth of psychic ability such as precognition, sensing and reading auras, voluntary telepathy, empathy, and psychometry (reading energy imprints).


All Shifters are humanoids, yet the genetics of Shifters are complicated; their default appearance is that of a human, with minimal physical characteristics of their respective legion. They can shapeshift parts of their body into that of the creature their legion represents. For instance, a Shifter of the Dragai clan can transform his hand into a claw, sprout wings from his back, or even grow a tail, depending on his genetic makeup.

However, Shifters cannot perform a complete transformation on any given day. Only on the eve of the Blood Moon can a Shifter take on their true forms, and transform into the creature of their respective legion. Once their transformation is complete, they take part in a mating ritual (See Rituals). The transformation only lasts for the span of the Blood Moon, or a single night.

In terms of magick, only humans possess the ability to harness the power of crystals, and perform Crystal Magick. To balance out the power struggle, Shifters have evolved far enough to develop an innate special ability unique to their legion. Furthermore, most Shifters are born with various possible abilities, given their genetic makeup.

Shapeshifting – When a Shifter transforms, or morphs a part of their body, their bones, muscles, and flesh change and grow to accustom the new form. This can take a few moments to happen, and pending on how accustomed the Shifter is to the transformation, it may create a lot of pain or none at all. Shifters performing a transformation for the first time may feel extreme discomfort, but over time, they build a tolerance, and will not have as much difficulty when morphing the next time. Most adult Shifters can do something as simple as morphing a hand into a claw without any effort.