The Mythos of the Daemos

The Mythos of the Daemos

Polytheism and Mythology

In The Daemos Chronicles Universe, there is no set religion or religious system. In the beginning of the series, starting with Advent Light, it is clear that there is a system of belief and faith, but it is spiritual in nature, and not institutionalized. Throughout Advent Light, it becomes clear that these beliefs surround several concepts, one of which being the Daemos (See Below). “Daemos” is both the singular and the plural term when referring to the Gods that exist within this Universe.

Between Advent Light and a future book (Chains of Tameseus), this polytheistic system of belief in Gods begins to fade over time. Centuries later, it splits off into two factions: religion and myth. There are groups of people who still praise the Daemos to date, and these groups have separated into further sub-factions: the religious and the spiritual.

Those that praise the Daemos religiously have perverted the ancient belief system of the Daemos, and use it as a means to convert people to their own set of beliefs and doctrines. Those that praise the Daemos spiritually stay closer to the ancient ways of prayer, meditation, and practice. However, due to a cult that is founded in Chains of Tameseus, these people are shunned, and most of them keep their practice secret. The rest of the world believes that the Daemos were nothing more than a myth, ancient stories told around bonfires passed along through the generations.

Given the polytheistic belief that there are multiple Daemos, there is one main Daemos, said to be the first to rise – Illucio, Lord of Life, Light, and Creation. However, the Lord of Life, Light, and Creation cannot exist without its contrast: Tameseus, Lord of Death and Destruction. These two always co-exist within this Universe, as one cannot kill the other; if such an event were to occur, it would cause an imbalance, and another Daemos would arise.


The Daemos

The Daemos are supernatural beings, each representing a concept or power in all of creation. There is no definite number of Daemos that exist within the Universe; they may be infinite, but there are several Daemos known of and said to be present.


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