The Suntavelm and Karma

The Suntavelm and Karma

Imagine a world untouched by man. Imagine a world, much like your own, but instead of shades of green and brown, it’s an endless world of blue hues. That’s just the beginning of what it’s like to be in the Suntavelm.

The Suntavelm is the after-life of The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light. However, there are many phases and many worlds that make up the “after-life”, and the Suntavelm is just one of them. If these levels and worlds were set up in a ladder fashion, it would go: Living World -> Abyss -> Suntavelm -> Higher Planes.

The Suntavelm is home to millions of human souls. It is their birth place, their resting place, but never a destination. Most souls are either passing through, on a search for knowledge, or, in rare circumstances, visiting. It may be viewed as a rest stop, or a “layover” between flights. How long that layover lasts depends on a variety of variables, two of which being “karma” and “age.” Souls are ageless, but the length of time since their birth, or creation, does in fact play a part in the time spent in the Suntavelm before they reincarnate.

Younger souls have spent less time in the World of the Living, and they tend to go right back after passing. This is because they lack karma. “Karma” is explained as “An energy that connect souls to one another,” in Advent Light. This is a simple explanation. To give a better understanding, karma is not only a form of energy between souls, but it is a living link. Every soul that is created comes from a collection of energies, and every soul that comes from that energy is forever linked.

The more closely two souls are linked, the stronger their bond, for better or for worse. How they interact within the World of the Living can strengthen or weaken their karma. The goal for karma isn’t to strengthen it however, it is to weaken it. For a weak link eventually breaks, and the two entities it once connected are set free. That is the ultimate goal, and that is where the saying “burning karma” comes from for The Daemos Chronicles.