The Universe

The Universe



The Daemos Chronicles takes place in a solar system similar to our own. However, this solar system is much grander than ours and has two visible stars. The world inhabited by the characters in The Daemos Chronicles revolves around an orange star much like our Sun, but their world is a part of a solar system where the orange star revolves around another, larger star. This larger star is what we would call a red giant.

The number of planets, inhabitable or not, are unknown to the characters in Advent Light, for the story takes place in an era before technology and industrialization occurs. Development of this world is currently simple, and although its inhabitants have been around for centuries, they are only in the first steps of their evolution. When compared to humans in our world, they are simultaneously both primitive and more advanced. It comes down to perspective, and what concepts are being studied.

Some concepts such as a village versus a city may be viewed as primitive, but the supernatural abilities these humans possess surpass our own evolutionary progress sevenfold. This world also shares similarities with ours, although they may define them differently. One of the most notable differences, aside from the two stars, would be the way they define the span of time, be it throughout the course of the day, or the entire year.



In Advent Light, a year is split up into cycles – two cycles make up a year. However, the term “year” does not exist in the language of this world, so when people refer to time, they may refer to a year as “two cycles.” At the beginning of each cycle, the farmers plant new herbs, fruit, and vegetables; at the end of each cycle, they harvest everything that bloomed and matured since then. The following morning, the cycle starts anew, and the action is repeated.

This is just one example of the term “cycle,” and how it affects the human village. On a grander scale, the beginning and ending of a cycle affects the entire world. Either can signify a change in the seasons, or greater yet, a supernatural instance taking place amongst the cosmos.