The World of Advent Light

The World of Advent Light

The world of Advent Light is inhabited by different clans, made up of shapeshifting humanoids known as “Shifters,” and a single human village (See Races and Species). In this world, there were only two human villages known of, and there are several Shifter clans. Advent Light takes place after The Great Shifter War, an event that wiped out the humans of the forest and left mankind as an endangered species in this world (See The Great Shifter War). The only known human village left is hidden within a mountain range, and rests inside the mouth of the largest mountain of the lands.


Each clan of Shifters has landscape that reflects the creature of that legion. Advent Light focuses on three clans: Dragai, Phenno, and Fenrin. However, there are more clans out there that resemble many other creatures of myth and legend. Some of the land is shared between two clans, like the land of the Dragai and Phenno (See Landscape).


Advent Light takes place in a solar system similar to our own. However, this solar system is much grander than ours and has two visible stars. The world inhabited by the characters in Advent Light revolves around an orange star much like our Sun, but their world is a part of a solar system where the orange star revolves around another, larger star. This larger star is what we would call a red giant. In Advent Light, a year is split up into cycles – two cycles make up a year. At the end of each cycle is represented by a celestial event known as the Blood Moon (See Celestial Events).


Most of the time, the two stars are far apart, and the orange star dominates the sunlight of this world. However, there are times when the red giant overshadows the light of orange star, and the sky takes on a darker hue. When this happens, the light of the red giant is reflected off of the moon at night, and causes a dim red glow across the land. This event is known as the Blood Moon (See Celestial Events).


Cycles ago, the two human villages were unaware of the other. It wasn’t until the Humans of the Mountains (HoM) began excursions to venture out and explore the world around them. During one of these excursions, they ventured out into the forests of the southwest and discovered their brother tribe, the Humans of the Forest (HoF). The HoM were met with warm greetings, the people were ecstatic to learn that they were not alone. This inspired them to search more of the land and to conduct other excursions in the future.


Many excursions taught them about the land they shared and the other species they shared it with. They soon learned about the Shifters and their clans. To the east of the HoM, the Dragai and Phenno tribes were discovered. Their clans occupied a small forest that was split into two separate villages. These two clans were sister tribes, like family, only separated by blood and the woods between them. They welcomed the humans into their villages, and were willing to learn from them. The Dragai and Phenno clans adopted the HoM’s economic system, their Council, as well as their Academy and Temple (See Villages and Clans). However, not all villages were as kind or willing to learn.


Near the HoF, wild Fenrin were found. Their territory was large, and practically barren. There was not much woodland around them, and several stone caverns to the northwest. The Fenrin had a stronghold with a nearby village of Gargoi, creatures of stone. The HoF informed the HoM that the Fenrin had nearly exterminated all of the Gargoi before they decided to use them as allies, and that they should be cautious when venturing out unto their lands. They were not believed to pose a threat to the human villages, but the humans were also not foolish. They knew they may one day deal with a dangerous force if they were not careful.


To the northwest, a clan of Griffyns were discovered. These beasts, although powerful, did not have malicious intent. They had little interaction with humans and kept to themselves in the high cliffs of the mountain range. Along their travels, the humans learned a few things about Shifters, their way of life, how they react to the Blood Moon, and their mating rituals. Upon returning to their village after their travels, the HoM spoke with the council about what they had found. The good was shared with the village people, and the bad was reported directly to the High Monks.


Over time, the monks learned more about their world and the human spirit as their studies continued. There was so much untapped potential that could greatly bring a transformation of their world, and yet an underlying terror tremored deep within the ground. One day, when venturing out into the mountains, a few High Monks (See Classes and Professions) found a hidden cavern within the mountain itself. Inside this cavern, they found hundreds of gems and crystals growing from the walls, the ceiling, and the ground. The High Monks extracted many of these crystals and gems, and brought them back to the Temple for further study.


In the coming weeks, Crystal Magick was discovered (See Crystal Magick).