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The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light Goes Live!

Well guys, I did it! I wanted to start my webcomic, The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light before 2017, and after a lot of practice, back aches, and lack of sleep, I finally got the cover art done. Basically everything there is by me except the logo. It was commissioned way back and it’s been a part of the brand for years, so I can’t really part with it. Everything else though? Me! I’m very excited, and as the blog post says, I’ll be working on a couple of pages throughout the holidays. Hopefully, I can post one or two before the year ends. If anything, some concept art for funsies.

Other than that, hoping to update once a week, seeing as how a single frame will sometimes take me a day (time constraints), but with time hopefully it gets easier? Anyways, enjoy the cover art for now, and please spread the word!