The Grawlix CMS

The Grawlix CMS

Hey everyone.

For those of you already following my webcomic, The Daemos Chronicles Advent Light, you may have noticed I am using a CMS known as “Grawlix.” For creators of webcomics without a pro-webmaster or even a lot of back-end coding know-how, this CMS is what you’ve been waiting for. It sure was what I was waiting for. WordPress has plugins, but Grawlix is where it’s at imho.

I came across it while reading some random web comics (I love finding new gems), and noticed at the bottom everyone kept Grawlix in the footer. Normally, I wouldn’t do this, I feel it cheapens the value of the website, but after using Grawlix, I can see why. I mean, why not share the knowledge and spread the word about this webcomic CMS?

Anyways, after using Grawlix for a few months now, I ran into a little problem where I had to reset my website and reinstall Grawlix. This lead to a lot of headaches, because the on downside about Grawlix is that it’s made by programmers, not artists. In other words, left-brain vs right-brain. After I got my website back up and running (still a WIP, oh the shame), I talked to the guys at Grawlix and put together a walkthrough for them.

You’ll see it on the left-hand side. If you’re a webcomic creator using WordPress, or thinking of making a webcomic and need a good CMS, I highly suggest looking into Grawlix. Then use my walkthrough to spare yourself a couple headaches.