Update: Where have I been?

Update: Where have I been?

Where did I go? What happened right?

This happened: http://www.blog.shadepublishingsff.com/

I talked about it a little ways back, and now that it has some content up, I’m presenting it here. There’s been a bit of a tonal shift I guess you could say. Instead of sketching on the weekends, I’ve been either working on the blog or something related to it. Plus I went out of town for a bit, so there’s that. The main gist of it all is for now, my publishing press is going to take a larger amount of my attention while I get things up and running.

This website will still be maintained, but content won’t be coming out every other week. In spite of that, I’d like you to go check out the blog for my indie publishing press. The genres I cover are sci-fi and fantasy, and I let you take a look at some of my thoughts on some concepts, while opening discussion for others. I’ll be holding a live Q&A this week, and I’ll be answering questions I’ve received. Next weekend, I’m launching the actual website, so it’s something to look forward to.

That’s all for now.