Updates on the Web Comic

Updates on the Web Comic

Hey everyone!


Is this thing on? *tap tap*

In case there actually are people out there reading, and wondering, yes the web comic is actually well underway. Ever since I got my manuscript back from my editor, I’ve been working on the new timeline and revisions. I feel like the new version is already 10x better than the original – it’s a good feeling.

However, I have a goal to obtain. The first chapter, or the beginning of it, live and online, by the end of the year. Nothing can stop me now. So, once I have three chapters rewritten (this weekend), I’m going to go back to my artwork.

As I rework the characters and get the best possible versions of them done, I will upload them as placeholders for the web comic. So that will be pretty neat. With any luck, I can get the first couple pages up by mid-December, but we’ll see how it goes.

So keep an eye out for The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light!